Below is frequently asked questions we hope can answer any concerns you may have. If you have any further questions, please call Customer Service at 877.753.7920 click.

what exactly does Oceans Apparel do?

Oceans Apparel provides your event with custom apparel for your organization to benefit from.

How do we get our artwork designed with an event logo?

Oceans Apparel provides one of our professional artists, at no cost, to create an exciting design specifically for your event, or we can use a design you already have.

How and when do we get the shirts for our event?

Oceans Apparel provides, at no cost, an event specialist that travels to your site and sets up a very professional display.  We provide, at no cost, an assortment of popular styles, colors, and sizes to fit the needs of your particular event.  We also bring sizes to accommodate the parents and coaches as well.

How do the customers pay for their purchases?

Oceans Apparel accepts CASH, CHECKS, CREDIT and DEBIT CARDS for everyone’s convenience and to increase sales for your event.

How do the names get sent to you and printed on the shirts?

Oceans Apparel will need the event coordinator to send us the rosters prior to the event. We would like them 2 weeks prior but if that is not possible just make arrangement with us and we will work with you in any way we can.

What does Oceans Apparel charge for all these services?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. That is the best feature of our services. At no cost to your organization, we…

  • Design custom artwork/logo
  • Select and purchase all product offered
  • Provide sizes and styles to suit your event
  • Provide the event specialists to sell the product
  • Personalize your event specific product
  • Provide a percentage of all sales to your organization

What kind of commission do we receive from Oceans Apparel?

We usually pay based on a percentage of the sales taking into consideration the size & type of the event and the length of the contract (single event, 3 year contract, 5 year contract, etc). One of our marketing specialists will be happy to discuss your particular event and present a proposal at that time for you to review.

What do we have to do for Oceans Apparel?

We ask that you provide us with…

  • A visible location to set up our display
  • At least 2 tables and chairs
  • An electrical outlet for our press
  • The rosters in order to personalize the shirts

What quality are the shirts provided at our event?

Oceans Apparel offers only the best quality product available. All of our t-shirts are 6.1 oz and 100% cotton, pre-shrunk unless other accommodations are requested,

What is your return policy:

With anything personalized we make sure the size, color and printing is done at the point of sale so their is really no reason to return. Of course with printing a shirt that is personalized as requested we cannot resell it and therefore the customer checks the size and selects the printing before accepting their apparel. We stand behind our quality 100% at all times. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

What size shirts do you provide?

We can provide any sizes you will need to accommodate the type and age bracket of your event participants. We have Youth Small all the way up to XXXL.

What is the quality of the print you put on our shirts?

Our shirts are actually screen printed but applied on site. We do not use computer generated printing and you will not feel the print as it is printed into the fabric itself. You will see our shirts worn from year to year at the events. There are no special washing instructions.

What if someone forgets to buy their shirt and needs to order one after the event?

No problem. We keep all of our prints for at least 1 year. If anyone would like to order a shirt they can contact us by phone and we would be happy to take their order payable by credit card. There will be applicable shipping charge and they should receive their shirts within 14 days.